A brown, blister like fungus growing underneath a branch.

Bracket fungus

Names: Phellinus pomaceus, Bracket fungus, Boletus fomentarius var., pomaceus, Boletus igniarius sensu, Boletus pomaceus, Boletus scutiformis, Boletus tuberculosus, Boudiera scalaria, Fomes fuscus, Fomes pomaceus, Fomes pomaceus var., Fomes prunicola, Fomes prunicola, Fomes prunorum, Fomes scalarius, Hemidiscia prunorum, Ochroporus pomaceus, Ochroporus tuberculosus, Phellinus igniarius subsp. pomaceus, Phellinus tuberculosus, Polyporus corni, Polyporus fulvus, Polyporus igniarius var. effusoreflexus Velen., Polyporus pomaceus, Polyporus sorbi Velen.,Pseudofomes prunicola and Scalaria fusca
Hosts: Broadleaves, usually prunus species
Attacks: Stems and branches
Consequences: Wood becomes crumbly soft-rot, leading to breakage and white-rot.