A brown bracket fungus drooping from a tree trunk to show the dark hair like patterns.

Less ear shaped, but more obviously hairy

Names: Inonotus hispidus, Hairy Bracket, Heart rot Ash, Shaggy Bracket also classified as Boletus hirsutus, Boletus spongiosus, Boletus velutinus, Boletus villosus, Hemidiscia hispida, Inodermus hispidus, Inonotus hirsutus, Phaeolus endocrocinus, Phaeoporus hispidus, Polyporus endocrocinus, Polyporus hispidus, Polystictus hispidus, Xanthochrous hispidus
Hosts: Broadleaves, usually Ash.
Attacks: Stems and branches / limbs
Consequences: Wood becomes brittle, leading to fracture, trees must usually be felled, but fortunately Hairy Bracket is quite rare.